We often look for ways outside to increase our work productivity, equipping ourselves with tools and automation. However, we seldom realize that our efficiency is sometimes influenced by our direct environment. Recent research indicates that our office design can play a huge role in affecting how much work gets done in a day. So if you want to increase your productivity, you can consider these design tips:

Bring in more variety

An open office idea is overrated. As the expert says, open office spaces are often the cause of poor employee performance due to an increased number of distractions. Not designing your office properly can lead to employee stress, reduced levels of productivity, fatigue, higher rates of absenteeism, etc. Therefore, many companies shifted their approach and brought in more variety. The best way to do this is to identify the types of work your team does, then design the respective spaces to suit those activities. For example, you can provide your employees with private spaces that allow them to collaborate, brainstorm, connect, contemplate, or get some rest to improve their focus. Equip each room with relevant items. You can easily find a wide range of Office Furniture in Singapore that you can check out for your office design.

Don’t forget the lighting

Poor lighting can make you feel dull, and give you headaches, stress, fatigue, and many other mental and physical problems. So, if you want to liven up your office, then you can consider improving the lighting in your office. If possible, you can also allow natural light to flow in to make your office brighter and happier. It’s better to let your employees and their products under natural sunlight. So remember to work that into your design.

Increase the ceiling height

If you have the budget for it, make sure that you increase the ceiling height. Studies reveal that rooms that have higher ceilings promote better thinking in people. If your business requires employees to be more creative, then this could be an interesting design element that you can add to your office.

Add a splash colour on the walls

Colour has the biggest impact on your thinking, emotions, and productivity. Create different environments in your office, each defined by a separate colour. Choosing the right colors so that these features complement each other effectively is essential. No matter what colour you choose, just make sure it is not white.

These are some simple design tips that will not only make your office appear aesthetic but also leave subtle signs for your employees to work on their productivity organically. Be playful with your office and create an ergonomic space that breeds creativity.

Tips For Your Office Design to Optimize Productivity

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