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The Qualities of Comfortable Office Chairs

Offices are meant to be not just productive, but comfortable as well. Staff members need comfortable chairs to sit in so they can feel no pain as they sit for hours and focus on their work.

An office chair that is poorly designed can lead to a series of problems for the person sitting in it, such as pain across various body parts, bad posture, and fatigue. If a few of your employees have negative things to say about their current office furniture, then maybe it is time to order new office chairs along with an office table in Singapore.

With that said, here are some qualities of a good office chair to consider when looking to renovate your office.


A backrest is what keeps a person’s, back supported as they are sitting down in the chair. Backrests are made in many different types to alter the chair’s design and functionality. If the backrest is a different part from the seat entirely, it needs to be adjustable, not only with angle, but with height, in order to accommodate the size of the person using it. A backrest should be in between 30 to 50 centimeters in width and focused on supporting the curvature of one’s spine, especially in the user’s lumbar region, or lower back.

Seat Height

Not only should the backrest be adjustable if it has to be, but also the seat itself. An office chair should allow the user to easily change the height of their seat with a lever or other mechanism. The seat should be in between 40 to 50 centimeters from the floor. When seated in your chair, your thighs should be parallel and your feet should be firmly planted on the floor. This should also allow you to type on your keyboard, move your mouse, and write without taking much effort.

Seat Panning Features

Seats not only can move up and down, but at an angle, in order to best accommodate certain users. Allowing the angle of your seat to change is important so that your spine can rest easily and not feel any resistance when you are in the seat. Your body’s weight also needs to be evenly distributed for this to happen. The seat also has to extend two or more centimeters from both sides of your hips to ensure you are sitting the most comfortably. The seat should also allow for changes in your posture for when you need to sit at a slightly different position.

Wheels and Stability

If your office chair doesn’t have wheels, it’s about time you make a switch. Wheels however, do not just allow you to move and turn in your chair, but they are also meant to keep you stable as you work. An office chair with a certain wheel setting can also make a difference on how comfortable or painful your spine is as you work. Good office chairs have five wheels and a five-point base. This is so that when you recline or lean back, the chair has the slimmest chance of falling over. The wheels themselves should also allow you to glide smoothly in order to keep you situated as you are at your computer, so allowing them to swivel will leave no room for restriction, while also keeping you from drifting all over the place.


A good office chair has many characteristics in order to make it suitable for you and your staff to work with. Make sure your chair has adequate support, several adjustment features, and wheels that swivel and can support you without question.

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