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Which Table is Best for Your Meeting Room? 

Comparison Between Round Table and Square Table

The table is a very important element in the meeting room in supporting performance and focus during meetings. Because it turns out that different table shapes have different characteristics! Generally, the table used is between a round table and a box table. So, what is the difference between a round table and a square table? Are you still confused about whether you want to use a round or square table? Well, here we will thoroughly discuss the comparison of round meeting tables and square tables from their weaknesses and advantages as well. 

So, here are the comparison between the round table and square table by Makeshift:


Round Table: Fewer People

A round table, on the other hand, has a specific diameter that dictates a limit to the number of chairs that can be placed around it. On a round table, chairs can only be placed around the table as it is not as flexible as a square table. Some chair arrangements at round tables may be difficult to change as the chairs must be arranged symmetrically around the table.

Square Table: More People

Tables with a square shape allow the seating to be arranged in a tighter and denser manner, so more people can sit around the table. Square desks also allow for more flexible chair arrangements than round tables. On a square table, chairs can be placed on the four sides of the table and also in the corners of the table.


Round Table: Less Space

Round tables have no wasted corners, so the area required for a round table is only as large as the diameter of the table required and allowing more space to move around the table. This makes it possible to maximize the use of space and makes the round table more efficient in its use of space.

Square Table: Larger Space

Most of the square tables have wasted corners, requiring a larger area to place them. Rectangular tables defined corners and straight lines, requiring more space to ensure that the corners do not impede movement or interaction between team members. This may result in greater space usage for box tables.


Round Table: Conversation Easier to Share

Round tables allow people to sit around the table and face each other, allowing for better social interaction. This can be important for dinners or business meetings, where social interaction can help create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Square Table: Conversation Harder to Share

Square tables can also reduce social interaction as the person sitting in the corner of the table may not be able to interact with the person on the other side of the table as easily. This can be problematic in situations such as meetings or dinners, where social interaction is expected to happen freely.


Round Table: Casual

The curved shape of a round table that has no sharp corners provides a softer, friendlier atmosphere and invites more relaxed social interaction. The soft, rounded corners of the table can also help reduce the sense of formality that can sometimes hinder collaboration. Round tables tend to be more suitable for informal and casual situations, such as team meetings, discussions, or brainstorming meetings.

Square Table: Formal

Square desks with defined corners and a more formal look tend to be more suitable for more formal and professional work situations, such as board meetings or leadership meetings. The corners of a square table can make it look rigid as it gives a more formal and firm impression. This can make the atmosphere look more rigid.


Round Table: Ongoing Team and Project-Based Work

Round tables are often used in teamwork situations as their shape allows everyone to sit at the same distance from each other and looks parallel so as to make team interaction easier, improve collaboration, encourage more active team involvement, and give a more even feel between teams.

Square Table: Leadership-Type Function

Square tables have a shape that allows one person to take the lead or take a more dominant position at the end of the table and provide a more dominant position. A square table with a clear head table position can provide a more visible place for the leader to sit and lead the discussion.

So, here are the battle between round table vs square table by Makeshift! Making the decision to buy a round or square table is difficult because each has its weaknesses and advantages. Again, this is according to your needs and preferences. And don’t forget to consider a few things before choosing a table, such as the size of the room and what kind of room atmosphere you want. 

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