Office Sofa

  • Office space is incomplete without a sofa. As the best furniture supplier, Makeshift Singapore knows that the perfect office sofa is different for everyone. That’s the reason we provide sofas in different styles and configurations, offering the best leather-quality office sofas in Singapore. We also offer a variety of styles to match your current or future interiors, from a single-seating sofa to a combination, to fit into your office/ room space for sure. Browse our online page to find more furniture with sleek modern designs.
  • High-quality sofas are also very easy to maintain, and high-end office sofas can avoid stains because of their upholstery, such as Italian leather. The colour of the sofa cover is colorfast and will stay intact for a long time. Sofas made of natural fabrics are heat-resistant and do not melt easily.
  • Most of us know that sofas should be classified as long-term assets. Therefore, the longevity of the furniture is the main key to any quality product, and the same goes for sofas. Makeshift makes it happen on your loved furniture!

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