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  • Whether you work from an industrial zone surrounded by budding startups or in a gleaming building in the center of Singapore’s CBD, you deserve professional and practical office tables to keep your productivity on track throughout the day.
  • Makeshift is an office furniture manufacturer and supplier in Singapore that sells office tables, executive desks, office storage solutions, and more at affordable wholesale prices. Our office tables are ergonomic, stylish, and contemporary, allowing them to blend seamlessly into any office space. Whether you need office tables for the C-suite corner office, open-concept collaborative spaces, or welcome and reception area, we have it all.

What Sets Makeshift Office Desks and Tables Apart?

  • Here at Makeshift, we understand that the office desk needs of employees can differ according to their working styles and preferences. Hence, we provide a variety of office table designs in our online furniture store in Singapore so you can find the right office table to meet your needs perfectly.

Choosing the right Office Table for your Space

  • When selecting tables for your office space, it is critical to understand the two key factors of functionality and style.
  • The functionality of a desk will vary according to considerations like its general form, size, layout, and whether it has any additional features, such as enclosed shelving. As a filing cabinet supplier based in Singapore, we can also customize workstations per your requirements.
  • Executives or those who work with lots of hardcopy documents may prefer our L-Shape Desk, which has additional desk space to help avoid clutter. Whereas those who work with computers or other gadgetry may prefer our Aitken Desks with opaque paneling that can hide bulky CPUs and help maintain your office aesthetic.
  • On top of finding an ideal desk to help you and your team stay productive, you should also prioritize office furniture that blends in with the rest of your office decor. That’s why our desks come in various colors and materials so that you can find the right one for you. Our team can also custom fabricate your office furniture’s color and design to your request, helping you maintain a consistent corporate branding and image.

Elevate your Office Space in Singapore with Makeshift

  • As a full-service office furniture manufacturer, planning, and installation company, Makeshift creates stylish and modern products that align with your brand and serve the diverse needs of your workforce. From conference room tables to office filing cabinets for your workspace in Singapore, our contemporary office furniture options are both enticing and affordable while customizable to suit your team’s specific needs.
  • Our extensive catalog is intended to suit workspaces of all sizes, with a focus on modular designs that can adapt to your evolving demands. We even offer adjoining and corner office desks to help you maximize space in smaller workspaces. Additionally, our in-house designer can work closely with your team to offer office space planning solutions to boost your team’s productivity and professionalism.

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