Mid Back

  • Although the regular mid back chair has no extra parts to support your head, however, it offers proper backrest functionality. The mid back office chair has a well-balanced back that falls slightly below your shoulders. The main purpose of a mid-back chair is to ensure the necessary support for the back and spine. It also protects the shoulder blade, increasing overall comfort.
  • This is a good option if you usually use your chair for a short period of time. It usually provides maximum support and comfort within 5 hours continuously. Therefore, it is well suited for a conference or meeting room.
  • A chair’s height is an important factor to consider when buying one, choose the most comfortable chair.
  • Some advantages of mid back chair:
  1. This chair can fit better in most limited workspaces, allowing you to move freely to another desk.
  2. Available in a wide range of designs from ergonomic to contemporary
  3. Available in mesh and leather materials

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