Did you know that you spend around 40 hours within a week working and spend about 5.5 hours sitting in a chair?

Therefore, it is no surprise that your choice of office chair will have a huge impact on employee productivity. The good thing is that you are in control of this aspect and by providing a comfortable work environment, you can increase your staff’s productivity significantly.

So once you have found a reliable Office Chairs Supplier In Singapore, make sure that your office chair has the following components:


It is important to ensure employee comfort if you want the office environment to be productive and your employee to be efficient. Employees who aren’t comfortable in their seats will waste half of their time shifting and focusing on their discomfort, the time that could have been used by them to work and produce results. Therefore, you must have chairs that are adaptable to your employees’ height and weight. Most importantly, it should offer adequate back and shoulder support to help them work comfortably for hours.

Ergonomic design

Nowadays, furniture designers have come up with ergonomic chairs that conform to your natural body shape and offer excellent muscle support. A well-designed chair will allow your employees to spend hours in their seats, focused on the work at hand. However, it is important to note that a comfortable chair may prevent your employees from moving around and staying seated. This can have a negative health impact over a long period. Therefore, you should consider stand-in desks and encourage them to stretch after spending a few hours in their seat. This will help them regulate their blood flow and avoid muscle strain caused due to being sedentary.

Colourful designs

Apart from functionality, you can also focus on the chair design to break the monotony. You can make your workplace more fun and playful by including colorful chairs. This will also help your staff stay focused without feeling bored.

Variety is good not just for décor and employee productivity, so be sure to introduce some through your office chairs.

It doesn’t matter how much time your employee spends sitting down, ergonomic chairs are a must-have in any office. These are designed for the comfort and necessary support of your employees. So it can be adjusted to maintain the correct posture when sitting down.

A good office chair is not only an accessory for the desk but also an important part of the employee’s daily work. Therefore, you must keep all the above-mentioned points in mind when buying office furniture.

Don’t forget that your employee’s workspace has a huge impact on their productivity. So, it is your responsibility to provide that healthy work environment to them!

Importance of Office Chair in Employee Productivity

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