Office Whiteboard has become essential accessory in many offices for various reasons. For instance, whiteboards can improve collaboration among colleagues. Office whiteboard Singapore is a great way to solidify brainstorming as you write down your thoughts. They are also vital for visual learners in that they help visualize and prioritize office tasks making it easy to track and manage different activities. In other words, they can function as a to-do list or a comprehensive workflow chart. Here are some factors you should consider before purchasing a whiteboard for your office.


The size of your Office Whiteboard Singapore is an essential factor to consider. When determining the size, you should also look at the room or wall where you are going to place the whiteboard. The size of the whiteboard also depends on the number of users. Personal whiteboards are smaller than those used in boardrooms.


The design aesthetic of a whiteboard depends largely on your company culture and the overall tone of your workplace. There are several ways to design a whiteboard to reflect the company culture. Your best choice is to match the material or color of the frame.

You can opt for a frame made of mahogany, which is considered more formal. However, you can also opt for an aluminum or graphite frame for a more modern, elegant look. These frames are not as expensive and magnetic compared to glass frames because they are made of steel.


The purpose is one of the essential factors you need to consider when buying a whiteboard. A whiteboard can be for personal use, boardrooms, and meeting rooms or public use in an open area. The purpose is also going to determine all other factors, including size, surface, and design.


There are several whiteboard-surface options you can explore. The most common include glass, porcelain, and melamine surfaces. The surface of the whiteboard is an important factor because different surfaces have specific functions that can have a significant impact on the lifespan of the whiteboard. For instance, one porcelain whiteboard can last six times longer than a melamine surface. Furthermore, the surface material also determines the cleaning and maintenance requirements of your whiteboard.


With the accessories, you can customize the whiteboard and add decorative elements. Some of the most common accessories you are going to use include markers, erasers, magnets, and cleaners. Grid patterns also accompany other whiteboards. Another critical consideration to make is whether you are going to mount the whiteboard on a wall or you are going to require an easel.

Other Materials to Consider

As we have mentioned earlier, not all whiteboard materials are the same. Some have a distinctive white, glossy base, while others are made of glass-ceramic-coated steel. While white plates are aesthetically pleasing, those made of glass ceramic are more durable.

Acrylic whiteboards may not be as durable as the vitreous option, but they have some significant advantages. The price of Acrylic whiteboards is affordable and most are magnetic while working with steel. The advantage of using magnetic whiteboards is that they help you keep track of important presentations, memos, and documents.

Factors Consider For the Best Whiteboard

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