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Dismantle / Reinstallation Office Furniture

  • Are you considering shifting your office location elsewhere? Is it all due to the expansion in workforce, resulting from scaling up of business operations? Relocating your office to a absolutely new area can amount to be a tiresome job. It involves shifting all the old office. Such furniture include conference room tables and chairs, desks, cubicles, file storage cabinets, work areas, partitions, chairs.
  • In such a massive mission, if you have a professional vendor who can help you with dismantle and reinstall office furniture, you can readily avoid the unwanted stress. All the work can be executed in a seamless and smooth manner, without even disrupting the daily workflow.
  • You can trust Makeshift Singapore Pte Ltd. blindfoldedly for executing this task for you. We help you to dismantle and reinstall office furniture during this shifting. Organizing the office, as it was before the shifting, is a major task. But we assure you that we keep it in the right order, ensure safe storage without hampering mobility. This is because we have extremely skilled professionals who have been taught to maintain the quality and safety standards at every level.
  • There might be numerous renovation contractor in Singapore, but our commitment to manage things effectively is unmatched. Every task is executed in a flawless manner – right from dismantle office furniture, office furniture installation, dismantle office partition. Putting customer delight as the top priority, we ensure that the client’s employees don’t have to install the cubes, desks and wall panels by themselves. You can even turn to us for an electrician Singapore. We will create a comfortable and invigorating office environment for you.
  • You cannot get a safer transporter of your office furniture than us. You would definitely not want to entrust this responsibility to someone who is careless and in the event of moving your important office furniture items breaks them. It requires an expert hand which can not only dismantle but also pack it properly. We offer the right services that every customer deserves, ensuring total peace of mind.

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