We aren’t just your local wholesale office furniture manufacturer in Singapore – we provide the services needed to ensure your workspace looks polished and professional too. With a vision to reimagine what a business environment looks like, our team of experts will balance your team’s business needs with your individual working styles in order to come up with uniquely personalised furniture solutions.

Our range of commercial service offerings also includes office renovation services, office furniture reconfiguration services, and office moving services to help you maintain your unique brand image and vision even amongst a massive office move. Our team will work closely with you while keeping future business considerations in mind to provide recommendations and solutions that are future-proof.

Office Space Planning

Office Space Planning

Have you been having difficulties in ensuring efficient workflow of late? Do you find lack of communication and supervision? It is time to rearrange your office layout along with shuffling the office furniture layout such that the entire staff can work in a cohesive manner. Office space planning designs might vary from business to business,…...

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Office Renovation in Singapore

An ideal office environment can enhance the productivity and help to grow your business. If you find these elements lacking in your workspaces, it is time for renovation of your office. At MakeShift, we take pride in our years of experience and a dedicated team of designers who are ready to walk an extra mile…...

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Office Reconfugiration

Office Reconfiguration

You would definitely want to make a lasting client impression and boost your employee morale by having a well-designed office space. In case, there’s neither happening, consider office renovation with assistance from Makeshift Singapore Pte Ltd. With an aim to see positive improvements, do you want to reconfigure office space or completely overhaul it? Creating…...

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Dismantle / Reinstallation / Disposable

Are you considering shifting your office location elsewhere? Is it all due to the expansion in workforce, resulting from scaling up of business operations? Relocating your office to a absolutely new area can amount to be a tiresome job. It involves shifting all the old office. Such furniture include conference room tables and chairs, desks,…...

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