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To help you adopt the inevitable business changes, our office reconfiguration solutions provide utmost satisfaction to clients through a professional team in place. Maintaining high standards is our key forte.

We provide a contemporary range of office furniture that helps in designing a new layout that offers a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Trained with industry best practices, our experienced team members will effectively support your business goals.

We do not hamper your workplace productivity. To ensure that, we put in extensive effort and time beyond the normal working hours, over the weekend also such that employees are able to get back to work in a newly renovated office environment.

Through our efficient space planning and office reconfiguration services, you will be able to find greater storage space to keep documents, supplies and products. A newer work atmosphere can help you create private work spaces for your employees. It also brings in a positive vibe in the existing work environment, giving the company a better brand image. It induces a sense of togetherness and motivates employees to work with greater zeal. It also helps you take proactive action against the safety hazards.

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Our Products

At Makeshift, we offer a wide range of functional and modern office furniture that includes ergonomically designed office desks, office tables, office chairs, filing cabinets and pedestal, office sofas and coffee tables, and other office accessories.

Taking take care of everything from the client’s hospitality to the employees’ every day needs, our range of offerings are comprehensive and classy. We keep technology advancement in mind while designing our product offerings and ensure that they are able to map with the future business requirements. Simplicity along with high-class, we cohesively combine the two to give our customers a full-proof solution.

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With a vision to fathom changes in business environment, we help in your workplace redesigning with a competent team of experts who can ideally understand individual requirements.

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